A Computer Institute with Exception ----- Diploma in Computer Hardware Technology ----- Specialised Advance Course Chip/Component Level.
About A-SET
A-SET is a leading institute which provides complete study material and total practical training. The classes are handled by highly qualified experienced instructors. The diploma course has an hour’s theory class and two hours of practical. There is a fast track course for those, who want to complete their course in 7-8 months. Classes are held in mornings or evenings for those already employed.

An A-SET student will be in a position to assemble a computer at the end of 3 to 4 months of training. Students can also repair their own faulty computer at the institute with the help of instructors if necessary. The computer system can give rise to 400-00 different faults. Students are given enough practical training to locate faults at chip level. They also are given ample opportunities to repair computers. New developments in computer technologies take place almost everyday. A-SET is particular to update its technology keeping with its latest developments.

A-SET is a chip level computer hardware training centre imparting technical education in advanced electronics, entertainment] electronics, and office automation, multimedia and research and development activities. The electronic and the print media in the country have featured this institution in their various programs. Leading news papers such as Navbharat Times, Hindustan Times, Daink Jagran, Electronics for you, Suman Saurabh and Competition Master have carried articles highlighting the achievements of A-SET institute from time to time. Thousands of our ex-students are running their own units engaged in manufacturing, repairing, networking, automation, education and assembling of computers all over the country and Abroad.